Mobility offers you the possibility of studing abroad a part of your curriculum or doing your job traninig in another country instead of here. Our management team believes this is a great opportunity to improve your preparation and to live an experience to help you achieve your goals. We encourage you to contact us for more information.

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Course catalogue of our institution

Upper VET courses:

  • Higher Technician in Electrotechnical and Automated Systems
  • Higher Technician in Sales Management and Commercial Spaces
  • Higher Technician in Energy Efficiency and Solar Thermal Energy
  • Higher Technician in the Development of Projects on Thermal and Fluids Installations
  • Higher Technician in Construction Projects
  • Higher Technician in Labour risks prevention


Intermidiate VET courses:

  • Technician in comercial activities
  • Technician in graphic printing and convert
  • Technician in Electrical and Automated Systems
  • Technician in refrigerating equipment and conditioning
  • Technician in Heat producing systems
  • Technician in mechanization
  • Technician in reforms, decoration and rehabilitation




Language policy

To make the most of the opportunity abroad the students need to be prepared, this is why we have established these resources to ensure they have all they need before leaving:


  • A chat/meeting with a native person from the country he is visiting to give the student a cultural immersion
  • The student may attend to English classes with any group of Batxillerat in our same highschool
  • The language department can provide the student with resources to help him/her boost the language skills
  • To make sure there is a fluent communication between the student and the school or company abroad


When receiving students from abroad, the school has already established a procedure:


  • Checking of all required documentation (training contract, medical, social, third party insurances...)
  • Introducing the student with his/her tutor or mentor in Catalonia.
  • Delivery of various information: telephone contact list. City map. Public transport schedule. General tips.
  • Taking part in the lectures and activities of the corresponding vocational study at the school, maybe in Catalan, Spanish and some of them in English or French.
  • Monitoring of the training.
  • Periodical communication between our school and abroad.






Erasmus Charter for Higher Education

After the selection procedure, our institution has been given the ECHE (Erasmus Charter for Higher Education). Document available at the bottom of this website.